Thermal Bridge Heat Transfer & Vapour Diffusion Simulation Program AnTherm Version 6.115 - 10.137

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Colorize (setting)

The setting Colorize define the colorizing of a particular graphical object.

The setting can have one of the three distinct states:

Checked Colour table Colorizing follows the currently selected Colour table (or element's properties in model view)
Partly checked Dark The object is coloured with some dark (nearly black) colour
Unchecked Bright The object is coloured with some bright (nearly white) colour

The setting is available to following evaluations :

Example: An interesting ability exists when willing to show white isolines over colorized (by value) component's surface, while emphasizing component's edges in black.

See also: Evaluations, Results 3D window, Active (setting), Solid (setting), More Light, Colorbar (control panel), Colour scale / Colour tables, Fixed Range (setting)

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