Thermal Bridge Heat Transfer & Vapour Diffusion Simulation Program AnTherm Version 6.115 - 10.137

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Fixed Range (setting)

Activating the switch "Fixed Range" (here referenced in the context ColorBar by example) allows to override (fix) the current value range of the active evaluation function.

Fixing the Value RangeIf "Fixed Range" is turned OFF (default) the overall value range, calculated out of the domain of current values set of the active evaluation function, is displayed at the top and bottom of the panel and is customizable. This domain is subject to automatic adjustment whenever the different active function is chosen, boundary conditions or time point of evaluation are changed or the project itself has been modified.
Because the "Min/Max" interval boundaries must always stay within this domain, they might be modified automatically too (e.g. if the currently set minimum underflows new data of the active function after some change to the boundary conditions).

When the "Fixed Range" is ON the domain range is entered manually (overridden) and remains invariant, independent of currently evaluated data set or the project.
Important: The domain can supplied separately for any active function and will be retained as function specific setting. By thy the "Min/Max" interval boundaries will not be varied too.

Remark: With any new boundary conditions the "Min/Max" interval boundaries will not change (the domain range will eventually be extended but never it will shrunk).

For example this can keep the setting of colour bar used for evaluation of temperature field independent of the project or boundary conditions always in -10/20°C and for the purpose of pressure difference in -5/5hPa. In the combination with function specific choice of colour table this leads to optimal and comparable visualization of results, even for different projects.

See also: Colorbar (control panel), Isolines / Isotherms (control panel), General (control panel)

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