Thermal Bridge Heat Transfer & Vapour Diffusion Simulation Program AnTherm Version 6.115 - 10.137

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Surface (control panel)

The control panel Surface is used to adjust parameters of the surface visualization and thus has also impact onto results of evaluations related to the components surface: Colorizing and Isolines (Isotherms). The surface, if rendered opaque, will obscure all other evaluations specific to the objects interior (Isosurface, Streamlines, Slices etc.)

The surface (and eventually its edges) are rendered colorized. Actual colorizing follows values of currently active function (temperature, heat stream density, surface humidity etc. - selected within General control panel) and currently selected Colour table.

Active, Opaque, Colorize Decide about the visibility, colorizing and transparency of the surface (and its edges if applicable)
Solid When turned off allows the wireframe view onto the fine grid at which temperature distribution and  secondary functions are calculated.
Edges Allows emphasizing of component's edges, i.e. lines at intersections of surface plane elements.

Rendering of surface edges can be requested independently of the surface - made visible or transparent.

Slice Edges Allows emphasizing of slice edges (rendered only if any slices are active).

Rendering of slice edges can be requested independently of the surface - made visible or transparent.

Remark: The surface displays components hull coloured by the primary function (including adiabatic cut-off planes – so called "wonders", adiabatic planes). The surface is rendered partly transparent (according to the setting of the opacity value). To receive an opaque (non transparent) rendering use the switch Opaque. The surface can be rendered as a wire frame (lines) – turn the  switch Solid off – to display the grid used for evaluation of results.
Remark: Construction edges show the position of all edges of the component. This rendering is useful while the surface itself is not shown (inactive or transparent). Displaying construction edges might be also very helpful when verifying the correctness of model input.
Remark: Graphical objects used to render the surface are oriented outside of components interior. This also ensures proper colouring of the wireframe view of the fine grid (the „back side“ of the wire frame is black).

See also: Results 3D window, Active (setting), Opaque and Opacity (setting), Colorize (setting), Solid or Wireframe (setting), General (control panel), Active function, Isosurface (control panel), Streamlines (control panel), Vectors (HedgeHog, Arrows) (control panel), Isolines / Isotherms (control panel)

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